12oz Bag - 24 cups of coffee!

The Rustic - 1 Bag

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Rustic types don’t want coffee that’s finicky or complicated. They just want a great tasting fresh cup of joe that tastes the way it’s supposed to and is easy to brew.

Origin: Brazil, Minas Gerais in the Cerrado region. Here, coffee has been a major crop since the 1980’s. Over 4,500 growers use 175,000 hectares of land in Minas Gerais, producing approximately 5.5 to 6 million bags per year. The rich soil, called ‘Terra Roxa’ or ‘Red Earth’, combined with consistent rain, high daytime temperatures, and dry winters make the Cerrado region an ideal area for coffee production. These beans are harvested between April & September at roughly 1200m, naturally processed, and then sun-dried.

Roast: Medium

Process: Natural (The fruit is left on the bean, and there’s little disruption to the coffee while it dries. The coffee dries the way nature intended it to.)

Characteristics: Dark chocolate, almond

Suggested Brewing Methods: Your coffee machine will do just fine. If you want to go crazy, try a cold brew, french press, or even espresso.