You may be wondering “what the heck does BARBA mean?” and “what in the world does it have to do with coffee?” Let us introduce you to our dad, Carlos, who we lovingly call “Velho Barba,” which in Portuguese means “Old Beard.”

A true legend, it’s hard to tell the man from the myth! They say Chuck Norris once had an identity crisis… he called “Old Beard” for advice. Now he walks around with a bracelet that spells WWOBD (“what would Old Barba do?”). And you know what, we don’t blame him… we wear one too!

We tried having him take the personality test, but he almost broke it. Our system just couldn’t handle someone who’s altogether the perfect example of The Rustic, The Mystic, AND The Systematic. The man is the very definition of each of the personalities, but none of them define him.

The truth is our dad is the epitome of awesomeness. Coming from very humble beginnings, dad grew up in a region known as the coffee capital of the world until a nasty freeze in the late 60s. He disappointed his dad when he decided to become a pastor instead of a truck driver. He had a purpose and he knew it. He still does.

Through his calling, “Velho Barba”  has impacted countless people. But as a dad he has left a lifelong mark on his two boys, who still consider him a hero today. 

In his honor, we are committed to donating 10% of all our profits to causes that benefit children in need, both in the US and in Brazil. We’d consider this business highly successful if we can leverage great coffee to help kids find their awesomeness too.

Look out for stories about these partnerships on our social media and our blog.



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