The Mystic

The Good
Transcendence... that's your word, and it says a lot about you. Unconvinced that life is about only the things we can easily see and perceive, you're interested in the spiritual and mysterious dimensions. You don't just talk with friends, you sense them. Like those who can smell the rain coming before any visible change in the sky, you can pick up on things going on with those around you before anyone says a word.
You are sensitive, non-judgmental, thoughtful, and loving. Sometimes you wonder why your friends and loved ones seek you out as someone they feel they can share their true selves with.

The Bad
C'mon now... not EVERYTHING has to have a hidden meaning or truth to it. Sometimes people, and things, just need to be taken at face value. Don't worry, it's ok for things to be a bit boring sometimes!

The Coffee
You don't just drink coffee, you experience it! Every cup is an opportunity to pick up on a new hint of something you missed the last time. You take every sip like it's your first, daydreaming while the caffeine hits your bloodstream. You wonder about the kindred spirits that made that unique cup of coffee available to you, and you're just grateful to have even the slightest connection to their journey.

We've been curating the perfect beans for people just like you. Look no further than our MYSTIC #1 roast. The beans come from the remote area of Rutsiro, Rwanda which can only be accessed by a 45-minute boat ride. On top of that, you’ll notice these peaberry beans are smaller than others. Interestingly, they’re quite a bit more dense than other varieties, which means they pack a whole lot of flavor!

As is the case with all of our selections, the MYSTIC #1 is sourced responsibly. It comes from the COOCAMU co-op, which helped create safer, more lucrative means of production and storage for its members.