The Rustic

The Good
You're all about keeping things simple. But that doesn't mean you shy away from hard work. You just happen to think that if something works, there's no point in messing with it.
Reliable, trustworthy, straightforward, you're truly a salt-of-the-earth type. You tend to listen carefully before you speak, you pay attention to your surroundings, and you don't take the important people in your life for granted.

The Bad
A bit rough around the edges, sometimes you come across as a true ass-$*%#! You'll tell the hard truth even when nobody asks you, and you might have others wonder sometimes if you even care.

The Coffee
Coffee should be as straight forward as you are, and it should taste just like that... coffee! Your coffee maker at home works just fine. You might enjoy it just black, but a little bit of milk and/or sugar doesn't hurt either.
Bottom line is: "Coffee is good as is... don't screw with it!"

That’s why we chose the Brazil Cerrado (seh-ha-dough) to be our first RUSTIC roast. Its taste is classic. It tastes like what we think coffee should taste like. And you’d have to try hard to screw it up. Like it stronger? Add some. Like it lighter? go easy on it. It’ll do the job and taste great no matter what.

Don’t get this wrong though. This is no generic coffee. These are freshly roasted to perfection, and they are meant to taste like the real thing, not the stale, burnt stuff you get from the grocery store. One sip and you’ll never go back.