The Systematic

The Good
Practical and convenient. Oh those too beautiful words! If only everyone else in your life saw the possibilities the way you do. Because you're all about getting things done, you appreciate planning, organization, adaptability, follow-through, and moving seemlessly towards a set goal. Not to be confused with mindless busyness, behind each to-do item crossed off your list is a desire to make your life and the life of those around you better. The world isn't as it should be, and you will make sure your part is done in making things right.

The Bad
Just watching you go makes the rest of us exhausted! There's more to life than a task list, or a plan, and sometimes the best thing you can do for you and others around you is stop to smell the roses. Seriously... stop for a second! We're all wondering when we'll get to enjoy life with you. What good is it to solve all of yours and the world's problems if you burn yourself out doing it?

The Coffee
Yes, you love coffee and how it tastes. And you'll drink it in all kinds of ways depending on your mood and the tasks set before you. But it's about more than just coffee and how it tastes... It's also about what it does to you. Like Popeye eating spinach, coffee activates your superpowers. Just a couple of sips and the sky is the limit!

We hope you're ready for this. We've chosen coffee for you that will bend and adapt to your every wish! Want it cold? Throw some ice in it. Want it smooth? How about some pour-over? Want it inventive? Pull some espresso from it and get your latte art game on!

When people are on the run, or need to get moving quickly, their coffee should be able to go with them. The SYSTEMATIC #1 will do just that. You can brew this however you want, whenever you want. It tastes great as a huge cup-full in the morning, but make an espresso out of it to get ready for an important day and you’ll be amazed! Feeling a bit hot, brew it iced. However you like your coffee, these beans from Tolima, Colombia can handle it.

Best of all, because these beans come from a co-op pf family owned farms, your daily hustle will be fueled by the honest work of other go-getters just like you. Their dreams support yours, and vice-versa!