3x 12oz Bag - 72 cups of coffee!

The Mystic - 3 Bags

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We know MYSTICS are experience driven. They crave new flavors, sensations, intricate stories, and all things exotic.

Origin Information: Rutsiro, Rwanda. Before the COOCAMU co-op existed, people would process their coffee at home. They dealt with strangers who would arrive by boat in the middle of the night only to break in and steal their coffee to resell. Now, members store their coffee in a secure warehouse and farmers no longer feel threatened by violence and robbery. These Rwandan beans are grown at roughly 1600m during the spring. After they are washed, they are sun-dried on raised beds.

Roast: Medium

Process: Washed (Producers are meticulous about the beans here. The fruit/pulp is completely removed and what you get is the pure taste of the bean itself.)

Characteristics: Green apple, molasses, floral

Suggested Brewing Methods: Pour-over methods bring the absolute best out of these. Drip cold brew will taste awesome as well.