4x 12oz Bag - 96 cups of coffee!

The Systematic - 4 Bags

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We love Systematic types because they make the world go round. But how are they supposed to do that without the right fuel?

Origin Information: Produced in central Colombia by AGPROCEM (Asociacion de Agricultores y Productores de Café Especial de Montalvo). A rather young association, it was founded in 2013 by two Tolima coffee producers, Edinson Vaquiro and Israel Montes. The main goal of AGPROCEM is to assist its members in improving the quality of their coffee and obtaining more competitive prices, thus leading to a better quality of life for the farmers and their families. This coffee is harvested during the winter months at approximately 2,100m.

Roast: Medium

Process: Washed  (Producers focus “systematically” on the beans here. The fruit/pulp is completely removed and what you get is the pure taste of the bean itself.)

Characteristics: Clementine, caramel, clean

Suggested Brewing Methods: However you want to brew it baby!